What is Truth? What is Beauty? Could It Be a Denim Jacket?

Even though I’ve been in the business of beauty and perfection for over 30 years, commonly known as the fashion industry, I am constantly challenged about the ideas of perfection and beauty. Many people aren’t sure how they feel about either, even if they believe in it at all. What is beauty? they wonder. Is perfection possible, let alone desirable?
People also imply, without saying directly, how shallow or self-serving, even self-absorbed, my interest in beauty might be. Over all these years I’ve been steadfast in my belief and interest in beauty. I believe that beauty exists and that perfect can be real. Moreover, perfection, the fusion of inner spirit with outward form, is something we can all achieve.
I find great joy when a client’s face lights up because they have found the perfect clothes to wear. Recently, I think I have found the perfect denim jacket, the Mister Freedom Loco Denim Jacket, designed by California-based French Expatriate Christophe Loiron.

Denim jacket

It’s safe to say, when a jacket works for 10 of 10 people who put it on, that’s perfect. What makes this jacket perfect? That’s about fit, fabric and construction. A natural shoulder, a high and narrow armhole. That translates to a jacket that will form to the individual proportions of the wearer. It’s what is commonly referred to in the fashion world as “fits like a glove,” or even better “that jacket was made for you.” After 30 years of selling clothes, it’s an easily recognizable experience for me. Usually, when I march a guy in front of a mirror with said jacket on, he instantly stands up straight, shoulders back, and a giant grin comes across his face. Even better, and it happens often, he starts to dance. It’s true. Perfection and Beauty.
Beauty and perfection are also in the details. Japanese denim — the beauty is in knowing that you could literally have it and wear it forever…..beauty. Anything you can have forever is like love, which is like a second skin. And it’s a denim jacket. Corozo wood buttons, sewn on by hand with a metal anchor in back. Impossible to pull off or destroy. Beauty. Hand sewn button holes, like the finest handmade Italian clothing. Rare and beautiful, especially on a denim jacket.
Riveted pockets and seams reinforce the stitching and make the seams nearly impossible to pull apart. Dak bands at the waist, which means you can wear the jacket as tailored and/or as loose as you like. It also mean you can eat and drink whatever you want, cuz your jacket will be forgiving. Perfection. The final mark of an exceptionally-made jacket is the finishing of an open-face jacket. Open face means no lining, which means you can see every stitch. The true mark of beauty and perfection….. a beautifully finished center seam on a jacket that wears like a second skin.
Three weeks in and I’ve come to love this jacket like nothing I’ve ever owned. I know I will have it forever. That is beauty. That is perfection. And that is love.
There are several other guys, and oh, did I mention girls, walking around Los Angeles in this jacket like a second skin. I know cuz a saw them dancing in front of the mirror.

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