What the Fourth of July Means to Me…

“The Fourth of July – Best Day Ever!!…Time with Grandma”

Traveling across the Northern Plains – people enthusiastically share what the “Fourth of July” means to them. Here’s a glimpse.

Fairies in A Jar.Photo By Valerie Pronio Stelluto.Cultural Weekly
“Fairies in a jar and celebrating my Birthday ALL month!” Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


Fireworks in Nebraska_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“Thirty years of selling fireworks in Westpoint, Nebraska and loving it!” Photography by Jim Storm.


Sidewinder_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“And the Rockets Red Glare! …” Photography by Jim Storm.


Freedom To Carry_Photo By Valerie Pronio Stelluto_Cultural Weekly
“The Freedom to Carry…and the Right to Bear Arms.” This is Billy Elbrock, owner of the fireworks stand in Chama, New Mexico, selling fireworks for 26 years. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.

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Grandma and Son_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“My favorite day for eatin’ an blowin’ things up.” Here in Nebraska – a grandmother and her grandson. Photography by Jim Storm.


Frog Prince_Photo By Valerie Pronio Stelluto_Cultural Weekly
“It’s meeting my prince with a bang!” Fireworks stands all over the Midwest. Photography by Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto.


Thundercracker_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“16,000!! – ONLY in AMERICA!!” Photography by Jim Storm.


Freedom to Travel_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“The freedom to travel our first road trip.” Rich and Katherine “Kitty” Doucette working at the Hometown Fireworks in Fremont, Nebraska – Mike Wares, owner. Photography by Jim Storm.


Four Boys_Photo by Jim Storm_Cultural Weekly
“Come to Ka-Boomers in Nebraska!” Meet these four delightful hardworking and enthusiastic gentleman – Adam Carpenter, Jack Maass, Daniel Lise and Jacob Wimer. Photography by Jim Storm.


The authors and photographers

Jim Storm is a photographer living in Los Angeles. The last four years he’s been traveling and photographing people on the move, riding in Greyhound buses, exploring the northwest states of Montana, S. Dakota and North with a little Nebraska thrown in. “The heart of America is the open road,” Storm declares. Living up to that quote, Jim plans to spend the spring and summer months in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, photographing Lakota artists.

Dr. Valerie Pronio-Stelluto is a physician with a passion for photography. As a former Director of Medical Student Education and “Humanism in Medicine” award recipient at Harvard Medical School, Valerie was also a photojournalist documenting the clinical journey of her Harvard and MIT students in becoming competent and compassionate doctors. As a member of the Board of Governors of the Massachusetts American College of Physicians, Valerie has been lauded for her photo contributions. Valerie looks forward to joining Mr. Storm in continuing to photograph the Lakota people.

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