What to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

You’ve had an accident or been injured and it’s not your fault – one of the first things to do is find a personal injury lawyer who can act on your behalf. Miami injury lawyers will help steer you in the immediate aftermath of the incident, ensuring you get the very best medical treatment, advise you on the compensation you may be entitled to and work with you to proceed with a Personal Injury Claim.

But getting the right attorney to take on your individual case is essential. We take a look at what you need to know before hiring a personal injury lawyer.

Do they have the right experience?

Personal injury claims cover a wide range of circumstances, from an auto accident or accident at work to a slip and fall on another party’s premises, medical malpractice or wrongful death. So, you need to be able to match your attorney to the specific needs of your potential personal injury claim. A personal injury lawyer’s experience is crucial, especially in handling cases similar to yours so don’t be afraid to ask about their relevant case experience as well as their successful track record.

Are they ‘trial-ready’?

There are personal injury lawyers who have never actually taken a lawsuit to trial, so it’s important to ensure that the attorney you are considering has actually handled a trial case. This will give you a good indication they are willing to take your case as far as it can go, rather than settle to avoid going to trial.

Their reputation

A personal injury lawyer’s reputation and track record can be a real asset when it comes to getting you a fair resolution to your claim, as it shows their experience and ability in working effectively with insurance companies and the court system. Do your research beforehand and independently gather references and reviews of the attorney you are looking to appoint.


Get the cost plan for their services upfront so there are no hidden surprises further down the line. Most personal injury lawyers won’t charge for the initial consultation and will offer terms on a contingency basis. This means you only pay them if you win the case – no-win; no fee. Their fee should also be clearly set out as a percentage of the compensation you receive.

You also need to factor in the cost of litigation should your claim go to trial, including the cost for depositions, administration fees and expenses. Ask your attorney who will be responsible for these costs, should you lose your case.

Can you work with them?

It goes without saying that you need to feel confident in your personal injury lawyer and believe you can develop a positive working relationship that’s based on trust and understanding. You will have one opportunity to obtain the compensation you deserve and choosing an attorney you can rely on and comfortably work with is essential to the success of any personal injury claim.

And finally…. get expert help in finding the most appropriate personal injury lawyer for you. The knowledgeable and highly experienced team at 1800 Injured can match you to the most appropriate attorney for your individual case, safe in the knowledge that they will have your very best interests at heart.

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