What you need to know about a Wood Burner Stove

Wood burner stoves are a great addition to a living room. If you are looking to make your house a little more cozy, then a stove is the perfect feature. Read on to see the important elements to consider. Even if you have a stove already, it’s worthwhile reading up on, as you may get some tips you didn’t know!

New regulations 

Major news outlets have reported that wood burners are being banned so you aren’t allowed to purchase them. But this isn’t the actual case. New rules and regulations will be in place but it’s not as drastic as being told. Cut a long story short, the UK government has created the Clean Air Strategy. The Clean Air Strategy is trying to combat air pollution in the UK. So what has been introduced is the ban of selling log burners that have high emissions. This will be introduced in 2022. The stove industry is forward thinking so most of the stoves available to buy actually meet the new rules and regulations. These are sometimes called EcoDesign stoves. You may be wondering, what if you bought a stove before the EcoDesign ready stove ever existed? Well, don’t worry, you can still use your stove. Just be careful of the types of fuels you burn. It’s recommended to burn fuels such as efficient ‘Ready to Burn’ logs. Fuels that produce high amounts of pollution, such as coal, will be regulated. Overall, there is no need to throw out your current log burner.


If you haven’t got a log burner and are thinking of buying one, you will want to consider the installation. You may have purchased your stove from a stove retail which also offers installation. Although you can fit a stove, it’s probably not recommended. An installer needs to be a HETAS stove installer. This is so everything is safe and regulated.

Maintenance and cleaning

General upkeep and cleaning of your stove is something you should know. Maintenance is important as it keeps the wood burner working as it should do. Here are some easy tips and tricks to go by. Before you try any of our tips, make sure the stove is cold. You don’t want to burn yourself whilst cleaning your stove. 

In terms of the interior, it is recommended to clear out the ashes on a regular basis. Cleaning the glass also has to be a regular chore. Black soot can cover the glass so you then lose the effect of seeing the fire. Using the correct fuel can reduce the amount of dirt and soot you receive on the glass. Seasoned wood will help reduce the amount of black dirt going on the panel. If your glass has been damaged, it is beneficial to replace it. The problem with leaving cracked stove glass is that the crack will become bigger and then shatter. This could be very dangerous.

As for chimney cleaning, you will want to have it swept a minimum of once a year. Hiring a qualified chimney sweeper is recommended. If you aren’t qualified, you shouldn’t do it. A blocked chimney is a serious hazard. Make sure your chimney isn’t blocked!

For the wood burner exterior, use a small brush to remove dust on the top. Dust can be removed with special wipes that are designed for stoves. Having a stove for a number of years means you may see paint peel off. You can use a heat resistant paint spray to provide touch ups. This will make it as good as new.


Hearths are definitely a great feature to add underneath a stove. A hearth is used to prevent fire particles and debris going on the carpet or other types of flooring. It can also prevent a fire from breaking out. There is a reason why building regulations have been put in place so you can ensure that a woodburner can’t cause a fire. Hearths come in all different shapes and sizes. There are a range of materials to choose from too. They are stone, steel, glass, slate and granite. All materials that can withstand very high temperatures. 

Beams create a cosy and traditional finish to the living room. There are a wide range of beams available, and they are a great match to modern stoves. These oak mantels come in many finishes. They may be traditional features but they are increasingly becoming popular as they look very stylish. They are definitely something to consider as an oak beam above your log burner. It showcases a cosy cottage look. Taking care of your beam couldn’t be easier. Wood oil and a cloth does the trick nicely.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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