When Can We Expect to see Chasing the Sun 2 in the UK?

The highly anticipated documentary series, Chasing the Sun 2, which chronicles the South African national rugby team, the ‘Springboks,’ and their triumphant journey through the 2023 Rugby World Cup, is set to be released in the UK on 1 August 2024. 

Having already premiered in South Africa, the documentary builds on the overwhelming success of the original Chasing the Sun, which documented the Springboks’ 2019 World Cup victory. 

The sequel promises to offer a more profound and immersive experience, highlighting the emotions, strategies, and behind-the-scenes dynamics of the world-beating rugby team.

Release and Viewing Platforms

Chasing the Sun 2 debuted on 24 March 2024 on South Africa’s M-Net and SuperSport channels. The UK release is scheduled for 1 August 2024, on RugbyPassTV, ensuring that UK fans will have the opportunity to experience the much-anticipated sequel. 

RugbyPassTV, known for its dedicated content, news, and providing all of the latest rugby scores, will provide UK viewers with access to the documentary, allowing them to delve into the inspiring story of the Springboks’ 2023 World Cup journey​​​​.

Documentary Highlights

The five-part series delves into the Springboks’ campaign, highlighting the emotional and physical challenges faced by the team. It features key moments from players like Duane Vermeulen, Siya Kolisi, and Handré Pollard, including intimate locker room scenes and pivotal tournament moments.

The trailers, showcasing powerful speeches, emotional reflections, and critical decisions, have generated significant excitement. 

Highlights include Vermeulen’s remarks on hope and resilience and insights from coaches Rassie Erasmus and Jacques Nienaber. The behind-the-scenes footage offers fans a unique glimpse into the team’s journey, capturing their triumphs and challenges.

Emotional and Inspirational Narrative

The first Chasing the Sun series was celebrated for its authentic portrayal of the Springboks’ 2019 World Cup journey, earning a whopping 9.7 IMDb rating. The sequel continues this legacy, delving deeper into the team’s personal and professional challenges.

Chasing the Sun 2 transcends sports documentary, telling a story of hope, unity, and perseverance. It sheds light on the Springboks’ role in uniting a nation, showcasing the power of sports to inspire and uplift.

Anticipation and Global Appeal

The build-up to the release of Chasing the Sun 2 has been marked by enthusiastic anticipation. Fans have expressed their eagerness to see more of the behind-the-scenes footage and personal stories that made the first series so compelling. 

Social media buzz, trailers, sneak peeks, and even viral spoofs have all contributed to the mounting excitement, with many viewers preparing to relive the emotional rollercoaster of the Springboks’ 2023 World Cup campaign​​​​.


As Chasing the Sun 2 prepares to hit screens in the UK, fans can look forward to a documentary that not only celebrates the Springboks’ sporting achievements but also delves into the human stories behind their success. 

The series promises to be a must-watch, offering a mix of thrilling sports action, emotional depth, and inspiring narratives. Be sure to tune in to RugbyPass TV on 1 August 2024, to experience one of the greatest stories in rugby history.


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