When Information Vanishes, We All Grow Weak

Major websites went dark on January 18, to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act legislation currently before Congress.  We share their concern.
We also share concerns about piracy because Cultural Weekly is in the content-creation business.  We support intellectual property rights. That’s why we only re-post content from other sites with their permission, and always give credit and links back.
However, the proposed legislation seeks to do more than stop piracy.  It proposes Draconian penalties that would eliminate websites like ours (and giant ones, like Wikipedia, too).  We would not be able to link to any other site unless we first confirmed that site never linked to any copyright-infringed content.  If we did?  We would face criminal and financial penalties, and Cultural Weekly would be shut down because Internet providers would deny your ability to access our site.
Save the Internet is a coalition of individuals and organizations who support freedom of access and information.  You can stay informed through their service.  We urge you to share your views with your representatives.

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