Where All Traditional Rules Are Lost

Setting: An avant-garde future. A broken world. Dense urban districts that take shape as you enter them. Reality is fragile. Darkness falls over Tangiers.

The players: You are an outsider with a single goal: to find and dispose of five other beings. In order not to be discovered, you must keep to the shadows.

The reason: Inspired by Dada art movements, the inane and absurd, William Burroughs’ cut-up technique, and the nightmare world of David Lynch, Tangiers is a bleak future landscape: alternately hostile and beckoning, it requires stealth and cunning to navigate this post-apocalyptic world where every motive makes sense and anything is possible.


Tangiers is a world inspired by, embodying and adapting the alternative avant-garde of the 20th century. With an array of features such as a shadow based stealth engine, non-linear progression levels, sandbox environments that reflect the player’s actions, and an innovative language-as-reality tool, this game by Andalusian sets the bar for next level exploration and gaming experience.
Cultural Weekly loves to think about the impact of new technologies on future generations, which is why we’re supporting Tangiers for Kickstarter-of-the-week. Already backed by over 1,000 eager gamers, the project needs to raise $34,256 by August 13, 2013 to complete its funding goals.
Enjoy the video and then visit their Kickstarter page.

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