Whither Humanities in Silicon Valley?

I spent most of yesterday at a symposium at Stanford University all about career prospects within the tech industry for students graduating with humanities Ph.Ds from American academic institutions.

The organizers invited a lineup of high-powered speakers from silicon valley to address the audience at the Bechtel Conference Center. Luminaries included Marissa Mayer, VP of consumer products for Google, June Cohen, Executive Producer of TED Media, Michael Moritz, a venture capitalist with Sequoia Capital and the CEO of Overstock.com, Patrick Byrne.

There was lots of Stanford brass on the docket too, such as John L Hennessy, the university’s president, and Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht, the institution’s chair of graduate studies, comparative literature.

Neither side had much of consequence to say to each other really…


Re-posted with permission.

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