Why Are E-Bikes So Popular in European Tourism

Electric bicycles have been growing in popularity across Europe in the last few years. E-bikes have great benefits when compared to traditional bicycles. E-bikes are both popular with the older and younger generation of riders. Germany is the biggest consumer of electric bikes, then followed by The Netherlands and France. In 2019, 3 million electric bikes were sold, which is 23% more than in 2018. It is expected that by 2026, the market value of e-bikes will reach $16.58 billion. So, let’s see why e-bikes are so popular in European tourism.

Reduction Of Commute Time

Whether people are going to work, are running errands, or just trying to get from point A to point B, driving a car can get stressful. Especially if you are in a big city like London, Paris or Berlin. People want to avoid traffic jams and wasting their time sitting in the car. Instead, a lot of people choose e-bikes as a great way to commute. There are great electric bicycles for adults that can reduce commuting time, and stress and let you enjoy the city breeze while having a little exercise along the way.

Europeans Love E-bikes

The greatest difference between Europe and the US in cycling is the culture. In Europe, using a bicycle is a respected form of transportation, no matter where you’re going. For example, in a summer top destination Poland you can find many bicycle lanes in Krakow, Gdansk, and Sopot and explore the wonderful Baltic coast.  Also, Europeans think that using a bike is easier than getting around by car. Electric bikes are great for everyone who rides for a longer period of time or just wants to explore new roads with an extra push.

In addition, it is believed that Europe has a more deep cycling culture than the United States. E-bikes are a great solution for anyone who doesn’t want to struggle while going uphill, who loves to experience new things, and isn’t afraid to incorporate technology into their life. Also, the older population and those who are not in shape can choose e-bikes as a perfect replacement for regular bicycles.

A lot of tourists love renting e-bikes because they are fun, and people can easily explore the whole city and enjoy the view while riding. Many European cities have bike lanes, which makes it easy to move through the streets.

However, there’s a social class perception that’s different between Europe and the US. For example, in the US, someone who is not so wealthy might ride a bike or take a bus, while in Europe, it’s totally opposite.

There are many e-bike options for off-road and road riding. So, basically, everyone can find an e-bike that fits their needs and lifestyle. E-bikes are part of urban life in Europe, while citizens of the US use them more as a form of having fun. When you travel to a European country and see people riding e-bikes and regular bikes, you start wanting to have one and ride it, too. E-bikes are becoming an integral part of European cities.

Unexpected Factor That Contributed to E-Bikes Being More Used

No one could expect it, but when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the whole world, people had to find new ways of being less exposed to the virus. Since a large percentage of the European population uses public transport, people had to think of new ways to commute. As a result, many people purchased e-bikes for commuting or simply enjoying time outside. So, it’s no surprise that electric bikes have become so popular across European countries.

E-Bikes Contribute to A Healthy Lifestyle

When the pandemic happened, a lot of people changed their lifestyles and started leading healthy ones. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet and regular exercise, and e-bikes offer a great opportunity to exercise while exploring the city or going to work. Since the need for a healthy lifestyle is becoming more popular, so are e-bikes, too.

While many people are busy with work and other activities, an e-bike is an easy and fun way to do fitness. Also, many people believe that you don’t have to put effort while riding an e-bike but that’s a total misconception since you put almost the same effort when riding a standard bike.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Europeans have a different perspective, respect, and acceptance about using bikes for commuting and in general than the United States. Also, Europeans have different trails available compared to the US, which makes it easier for Europeans and tourists to ride an e-bike in the city. So, next time you visit any European country, make sure to rent an e-bike and enjoy the city from a new perspective and lead a European lifestyle for a few days.

Photo by Julian Hochgesang on Unsplash

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