Why exploring the Amazon rainforest should be at the top of your bucket list

There are some truly magical places on this planet of ours, much like Haiku at Filoli, but nothing compares to the experience of visiting a rainforest. The Amazon rainforest and all of its natural beauty has made it onto some people’s bucket lists, but should it be on yours? In short, it certainly should be.

A trip to the Amazon isn’t for the faint-hearted, though. It’s worth noting that it certainly possesses its dangers, but that is part of the appeal for many people. It certainly beats lounging around a pool, sipping cocktails and failing to leave a generic resort. For some, the closest they might get to a rainforest experience is by playing jungle-themed games like NetEnt’s Temple of Nudges or watching videos of Arapaima’s on YouTube, which is absolutely fine of course, but for others, the Amazon rainforest’s biodiversity and the sheer amount of wildlife make it a must-visit place to experience. After all, this is a rainforest that accounts for 20 per cent of the world’s oxygen. The bright green colours which have been described as “Amazon green” is a sight to behold also.

The people

A hugely important and appealing aspect of visiting a destination like the Amazon rainforest is down to the people and the truly amazing ways in which people survive and thrive in what can be a dangerous and extremely remote location. Life in the Amazon is definitely different from anywhere else in the world. If you’re keen to stick to a dedicated schedule, don’t expect everything and everyone to be on time. Everyone is certainly friendly, though, and if you show respect to them and their way of life then they’ll treat you like one of their own. You might come across the likes of medicine men, healers, shaman, and even witch doctors.


You can’t exactly take in pink dolphins or jaguars in Los Angeles, which is why so many Americans are keen to visit a destination that boasts an array of rare and beautiful wildlife. So many animals call the Amazon their home, from boars to sloths to frogs and a whole lot more. If you’re keen to try fishing, the river houses some of the most exotic and truly unique fish on the planet. If you’re an animal lover and enjoy immersing yourself in nature, then the Amazon is unbeatable.


It can be tricky getting around the rainforest, but there are boats to help you explore it, and it’s worth teaming up with a tour guide, too. The fact is, it’s an extremely remote and relatively unexplored area in parts. You’ll certainly feel at peace being surrounded by jungle noises and in the home of some of the world’s most gorgeous creatures. There is the option of staying in isolated resorts or eco-reserves located throughout the jungle, too.


In terms of its biodiversity, the Amazon is a truly amazing place to explore. In fact, one in ten known species is said to be found in the Amazon. It has 2.5 million different insect species, a comprehensive selection of mammals and birds, and thousands of eye-catching plants. One walk through the jungle will have you salivating at the natural beauty before you. It’s certainly a feeling people go their whole lives without ever experiencing.


You’ll struggle to find a McDonald’s or order a burrito in the Amazon, but there are still some stunningly delicious ingredients to tuck into as you venture through it. For example, the region is said to have around 3000 different types of fruit, with many of them being edible.

Photo by Kunal Shinde on Unsplash

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