Why Faith-Based Jewellery has Become a Key Fashion Trend

Humans have worn jewelry for thousands of years. Be it necklaces, bracelets, or rings, for millennia we have adorned ourselves with intricately crafted gems and precious metals.

While some people might assume that jewelry is worn for purely aesthetic reasons, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, the reality is that people wear jewelry for all sorts of different reasons, from the sentimental to the religious. Faith-based jewelry has become a key fashion trend in recent years. Let’s look at what exactly faith-based jewelry is and discuss why it has become so popular. Keep reading to find out more.

What is Faith-Based Jewellery?

To put it simply, faith-based jewelry encompasses all jewelry that denotes religious or spiritual overtones. Examples include crosses or Chai necklaces, anything that contains imagery or symbolism from particular religions or belief systems can be considered faith-based jewelry.

Faith-based jewelry has existed for nearly as long as the art of jewelry making has. What better way to pay tribute to God than by fashioning religious symbols out of the most valuable and highly prized gems and precious metals? While faith-based jewelry is an ancient custom, we’ve seen its popularity increase significantly over the past several years. Why is this? Let’s find out.

There is More Religious Freedom

In years gone by, people of certain faiths living in certain countries and communities could have faced persecution for their beliefs. For this reason, they would have had to take steps to hide their religious beliefs for fear of backlash from their community.

Today, many of us live in a far more accepting and tolerant world, where we have the right of religious freedom and are protected in law from discrimination based on our beliefs. The rising popularity of faith-based jewelry can be seen as a direct reflection of this. As people become ever more comfortable with their religions, they are able to express it through their own personal style and feel safe in doing so.

Celebrities Leading the Way

Celebrities, be they actors, musicians, or models, are often regarded as being at the forefront of fashion. People look to them to learn about the latest trends, emulating their particular style and setting off new looks and fashion movements.

Gone are they days when celebrities would keep their religious beliefs to themselves. Now, we see many high-profile celebrities being open about their faith, choosing to express their religion through a variety of means, be it the work they do or through things like faith-based jewelry. It’s only natural that this would work to encourage others to adopt faith-based jewelry, both in an attempt to emulate their favorite A-lister and to pay tribute to their religion.


Faith-based jewelry has become a key fashion trend that looks set to continue increasing in popularity. People of all faiths are feeling safer and more comfortable expressing and sharing their beliefs with others. One of the major ways they are doing this is through the jewelry and accessories they wear. Not only do these items hold important religious significance, they look great as well.

Photo by Benny Rotlevy on Unsplash

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