Why Hemp Cigarettes Are Good Tobacco Alternatives

Today we’re running down the differences between tobacco and CBD cigarettes to answer the question – which is healthier? Of course, smoking anything isn’t necessarily great for lung health. That said, are hemp cigarettes safer than nicotine cigarettes?

What are the benefits of smoking CBD cigarettes versus regular cigarettes? This article goes over the pros and cons of smoking cigarettes versus smoking CBD hemp cigarettes (check it here) and CBD pre-rolls so that you can decide the answer.

Pros of Tobacco Cigarettes

Tobacco have been around for ages, but keep in mind that today’s cigarettes aren’t just regular old tobacco. Here are some common self-reported pros of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Social smoking. Cigarette smokers express there is a bonding that occurs in circles of smokers. Sadly, if you don’t smoke cigarettes, you’re just not in the club and you won’t understand.

They may just be two strangers on lunch break in the alley or a close group of friends that partake, when they share a lighter a common bond is formed. Cigarette smokers say they feel comforted by smoking tobacco and nicotine. They also report temporary stress relief and momentary gratification.

Smoking cigarettes is associated with a lowered risk for some conditions such as obesity and or needing knee-surgery. That doesn’t mean smoking tobacco will make you thinner or strengthen your knees though.

Cons of Tobacco Cigarettes

If you’re reading this and you smoke cigarettes, you probably are already familiar with what we’re about to say. The cons of smoking tobacco greatly outweigh the pros.

Let’s just start with the obvious increased risk of conditions such as asthma, COPD, lung disease, heart disease, stroke, sexual dysfunction, and some cancers. Then, let’s point at the damaging effects nicotine has on teeth, skin, and bones. How about addiction, you, your clothes, and everything smelling like tobacco, and spending $200-$300 every month on cigarettes alone?

All in all, smoking tobacco increases your risk for disease across the board and raises the chance of developing all kinds of health problems in the long term. Now, let’s look at CBD-rich hemp.

Pros of CBD Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes taste and smell better than tobacco cigarettes. Plus, they’re not considered addictive or habit-forming. CBD-rich hemp is full of aromatic terpenes and tasty flavonoids that give hemp cigarettes an incredible flavor profile especially compared to that flavor of tobacco.

Furthermore, CBD hemp smoke doesn’t stain clothes or furniture. It may linger for a while, but its sweet, fruity, and flora aroma tends to dissipate within a few hours. Rather than needing to smoke half a dozen times per day, CBD allows you to choose to smoke as needed when you want it, not when you crave it due to dependency.

Studies suggest that CBD hemp cigarettes may reduce tobacco consumption. So, they may make a great alternative if you’re trying to quit nicotine. Research also indicates that cannabis and hemp, in general, are associated with significantly better health outcomes than tobacco smokers.

Cons of CBD Hemp Cigarettes

CBD-hemp cigarettes aren’t going to give you the same buzz or fix as nicotine. They won’t make you feel high or stoned like marijuana, either.

So, if you’re seeking that psychoactive, excited, jittery feeling from intoxicants, then CBD cigarettes aren’t going to deliver the goods. While CBD isn’t intoxicating, the good news is that smoking CBD may help reduce your nicotine cravings, which will save your wallet and your health in the long haul.

CBD cigarettes have a naturally calming effect that may –

  • Boost mood
  • Encourage rest and sleep
  • Reduce pain perception
  • Improve inflammation
  • Relieve stress
  • And more

Switching to CBD cigarettes is a great choice for tobacco smokers. Not only will everyone around you thank you, but also, you’ll be thanking yourself. You may also consider buying quality hemp cigarettes from reliable sellers like MrHempFlower to enjoy its wide-variety of benefits.

Photo by Canvast Supply Co. on Unsplash

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