Why I Support Cultural Weekly

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Well, it’s impossible to do everything and help every one and every righteous cause. And the causes and the need will be ever more present in the coming years, with the captain manning the bridge of our ship of state making Ahab seem like a wallflower and the Klingons seem like Walt Disney bobble heads.
Who knows who is going to need our support, our voices raised in solidarity. One minute I’m hopeful, the next I experience despair, and in between, fear that nothing can be done to stop this sea change. Steve Bannon, the racist/anti-Semetic/white nationalist head of Breitbart News said this could mean the Alt-Right might hold power for the next 50 years. But I’m hopeful through it all, and feel sticking my head in the sand won’t be good for the health of the nation nor the health of my own psyche.
We can make a difference, in the big scheme and in the small scheme. One action here begets another action over there. What the physicist Rupert Sheldrake called “morphic resonance.” So while we pick and choose our causes and the sphere of those causes, I am offering one possible one for you. Cultural Weekly is an important balm for the soul, a nourishment for our cultural vision and creative being. I’d hate to see it have to close shop. Cultural Weekly‘s editor Adam Leipzig has taken steps to insure it’s survival, but he needs your help as well.
We do what we can in increments, it all adds up.
If you can help, please do so. I don’t know what the gods pay attention to, big or small, so I made a donation of $10, and another for $250.
Good Karma.
Here’s an email Adam sent to me and other contributors to Cultural Weekly, and I want to share it with you, too:
Cultural Weekly is going non-profit, and our fund-raising starts now. Here is today’s lead article.
We need to raise $15,000 by January 31, 2017. That is our full year’s cost, and it will ensure we will keep publishing uninterrupted.

We need your help. Please:
1. Make a contribution yourself. No matter how small. It will give you spiritual power for Step 2.
2. Post and share on your social media and to your networks.
a. You can also share our direct Donation page: https://nextecho.org/donate/
b. Encourage people to make a monthly donation of $5 or $10 – after all, that’s Starbucks money! (If we can get 125 people to donate $10 a month, we will meet our goal!)
If any of you would like to host a fund-raising event, or invite your friends to one I will host at my loft in Downtown LA’s Arts District, and the event has the capacity to raise at least $1,000, please email me directly.
Thank you for your continuing contributions to Cultural Weekly, and for the community your creativity supports.

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