Why Indian Tradition Doesn’t Frown Upon Online Casinos or Betting?

Gone are the days when gambling was frowned upon in India. Indians now realize how online gambling and betting have more pros than cons. The benefits of participating in online gambling and betting sites are there for everyone to see.

Online Indian casinos have seen a considerable increase in popularity over the last decade, and particularly in the last two years. The country has been a popular target for offshore casinos looking to provide the most up-to-date casino games and generous incentives and promotions. It isn’t surprising that income from online casinos in India is predicted to reach 250 billion rupees during the next ten years.

But how did this spike happen? Why did people broaden their mindset? There are various reasons behind it and that is what I will be talking about now!

Reasons for Popularity

Here are the top five reasons that drove the monumental shift in Indians’ outlook towards online gambling:

Huge Bonuses

If you’ve ever signed up for a casino’s club card, you’re probably aware that the benefits aren’t great. On signing up, you might get a few dollars in free play, a cup of coffee or a free drink every now and then, or cashback on rare occasions. It usually seems like the high rollers are the only ones who can afford the huge perks.

On the other hand, online casino users will tell you how shocked they were when they got to know of the bonuses that are available right away. The casino will be a part of your gambling experience from the moment you sign up. Also, the casino gives you new and additional perks when you become a regular player.

Play at your own pace

You can’t truly regulate the pace of play for many games in a casino, especially table games like roulette, craps, or blackjack. You must move at the rate set by the casino staff who are in charge of the game. There’s not much you can do if they’re moving too fast or too slowly for you.

At online Indian casinos, you play at your own pace with full security. If you’re playing craps, for example, you can choose how long it takes you to place your wagers on the table. You also get to choose when you want the dice to be rolled. That kind of luxury comes in handy, especially if you’re a beginner who needs a bit extra time to consider things through. The ease of use has led to many Indians accessing Indian casinos.

Attractive Slots

The gaming industry has danced with so many forms of entertainment over the years. Perhaps the clearest example of this mutually beneficial partnership is branded slots. Indian casino sites are making a huge contribution to the industry by obtaining the rights to adapt popular movies, video games, and music into distinctive slot titles. The fact that there are Indian casinos based on Bollywood is a perfect example of this.

Many younger individuals who have never played casino games are enthralled by the prospect of being able to appreciate some of their favorite works of art. Resident Evil, Guns n’ Roses, Scarface, and other games appear to be the new favored weapon of every online casino in India.

Most online casinos in India on casinofox.in rely heavily on branded slots to attract new consumers. They use different titles for distinct target groups, thereby giving their marketing teams a lot of flexibility.

Gamble from anywhere

This is perhaps the biggest advantage of online casinos in India. For a land-based casino, you’ll need to be near its location, which isn’t always the case. On top of that, you’ll have to navigate traffic to get to the casino, as well as beat the crowds to your favorite games, all of which are hassles you don’t want to deal with.

All you have to do to play at an online casino is turn on your computer, type in the URL of a reputable online casino in India (or if you’re into betting then a betting site in India), and you’re ready to go. You can be playing for real money in a matter of minutes. Also, you can do it in complete secrecy, which is a great perk if you’re not ready to be open about it.

Multiple forms of entertainment at one platform

Indians are known for being some of the world’s most ardent sports bettors. Cricket and football would come out on top if we were to list the most popular sports among Indian bettors. These sports are the best way to lure players. Betting sites in India have realized how much Indians love cricket. As a result, many of them have based their entire marketing around it. Some online casinos in India even specialize in cricket betting. For example, 10Cric Casino.

Legal Status of Gambling

The legality of betting or gambling is a bit hazy in India. While there are regulations forbidding physical gambling in casinos, there are none that prohibit internet betting and gambling.

Are you wondering if online gaming and betting sites in India are legal? Technically, YES! There are multiple loopholes that make this possible!

The discrepancies in the legislation enacted by the central government and the state governments make the legality of internet betting in India unclear. So, when the government doesn’t know what’s right and what’s wrong, how will the public!

Several loopholes have opened up owing to a lack of interest by the two governments on this matter. This has made it permissible to gamble online through organizations based outside of India. Yes, you read that right! You cannot gamble in a casino IN India. As a result, most betting sites in India are based offshore such as Curacao or Malta. Moreover, the Indian government has not enacted any internet gambling legislation and all that we have is outdated laws.

But do we actually need a law? After all, technological-legal criminal activities are not very common! As a result, there are no restrictions in place for internet gambling and betting. Online betting has now become a lucrative field for investors as well. Hence, an increasing number of Indians are accepting gambling and betting online.

To conclude, online casinos in India are flourishing and the merry run will continue! These betting sites in India are both a place of entertainment and a source of pocket money for thousands of Indians.

Image by Akshay Gupta from Pixahive

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