Why is choosing Ukraine for IT Outstaffing a good idea?

Entrepreneurs often try to employ good developers to execute IT projects. But the selection of such developers is not always easy. Because it is difficult to compete with big IT firms, local developers’ wage demands are too high. Hiring developers remotely is one way out of this situation.

Thanks to its growing tech ecosystem, large talent pool, and good education, Ukraine is becoming a leading IT outstaffing destination in Europe. Ukrainian software developers are known worldwide as one of the best IT professionals due to their solid IT experience, high level of English skills, and knowledge of emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data, Blockchain, so its a good idea – to hire it outstaffing company here.

What Is Outstaffing?

Outstaffing is a method of hiring remotely where a contracted worker (which is formally employed by another organization) performs all the duties for a client. Therefore an outstaffing agency responsible for salaries, benefits, equipment provided to a worker, while the work of client organization is to give duties and tasks to a worker.

Therefore, the distinction in outstaffing and outsourcing is that outstaffing refers to hiring people who work for another company to assign the task and oversee the implementation, outstaffing provides hiring and maintenance of individuals, whereas outsourcing is handling a particular task, function or business process to a third party on a contractual basis. 

Through outstaffing, you get a fully trained and vetted IT specialist for a comparatively lower fee. If the worker is hired by the outstaffing provider and not by you, you are not responsible for overhead jobs such as wages, insurance, or HR problems. The worker is completely under your supervision and, in most situations, is committed purely to your company.

Benefits of Outstaffing in Ukraine

Great Services at low rates

The main reason companies tend to look to expand their team with Ukrainian developers is their rates that help to cut costs. Despite the availability of trained, skilled, professional workers, Ukrainian out-personnel usually costs much less than comparable services in the United States. Living costs and salaries are generally far lower in Ukraine, and offshore businesses can utilize this to save large amounts of money without losing productivity or efficiency.

Trained Experts

Ukraine is rapidly cultivating a reputation as a tech hub in eastern Europe. Worldwide, Ukraine comes at the fourth rank in the number of IT professionals. Every year, more and more products, games, and applications are being produced in Ukraine. So this nation is great for discovering great IT professionals and coders.

Guarantees the security of your project

One of the greatest risks a business has is to safeguard its product idea. Ukrainian law protects intellectual property rights and has in place regulatory mechanisms that uphold all NDA’s.  So, there is no need to worry about your projects’ security while working with the outsourcing company in Ukraine. 


Ukraine has invested in ensuring the infrastructure required to scale IT projects is in place due to a large percentage of IT-dependent economies in the region. Furthermore, the Internet in Ukraine is easy, cheap, and affordable relative to many other IT destinations, so there would be no problem in ensuring that you have a team with all the resources required to complete your ventures.


Ukraine is a major destination for multinational businesses pursuing quality IT work, and many big companies are among the positive stories in the region. As for every adjustment in corporate operations, it should not be taken lightly to choose an outstaffing agency. Interview the applicants closely, make sure they appreciate the expectations and make sure the worker or team they are offering is the best one for you. Taking the time to do this upfront would allow you to save money, increase productivity, and dramatically raise your IT performance.

Photo by Tyler Franta on Unsplash

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