WLPX: Writ Large Press at Ten

I began my time with Cultural Weekly by writing a weekly series called “Literary Alchemy,” just reporting on the goings on of a micro indie publisher in Los Angeles. Each week, I shared what we were doing at Writ Large Press, what we were planning, what we thinking, what we were making.

And if any of that added up to a hill of beans in the crazy world.

Well, we not only survived, but in many ways have thrived, and I think we’ve actually made an impact on our city and on the world of indie publishing.

At the end of 2018, we celebrated our 10th anniversary by releasing a 100 copy run of a mixtape called WLPX. Yes. An actual cassette tape.

With this limited edition release, we wanted to celebrate some of the writers that we have been lucky to work with. It features readings from Wendy C. Ortiz, traci kato-kiriyama, Mike Sonksen, Scott Woods, Melora Walters, Andrew Choate, Rachel McLeod Kaminer, Teka Lark, Khadija Anderson, Hugo Dos Santos, F. Douglas Brown, and more!

All money from sales will be going to our 2019 projects: books, events, experiments, troublemaking, community building, celebrating. You know, all the things Writ Large Press has become famous for in our 10 years.

So please support us by getting your hands on one of these very limited edition cassette tapes. You won’t regret it!
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