World Cyber Games 2020

If you are new to World Cyber Games and eSports, you have been missing out. Since 2000, entertainment organizations have held competitions worldwide in different cities each year. These tournaments act as a platform, allowing the athletes to battle each other for renowned titles. WCG is the biggest event in the eSports genre.

Nowadays, people realize that eSports is similar to other sports. Before 2000, most people didn’t take the sport seriously. As time passes, the industry is seeing more professional and expert players with an increase in competition. This enhances the audience’s experience, and they enjoy supporting and betting on their favorite teams and players. Moreover, you can make bets playing paypal casinos online that allows safe withdrawing money. The title of the Tournament was “WCG 2020 Connected,” and it includes various games.

WCG 2020 Connected FIFA Online 4

The matches for the WCG 2020 FIFA 4 tournament starts with three rounds of Korean teams and three rounds for Chinese teams. There were eight teams in total. There were two semi-finals, one match for third place and the Finals. A Chinese team, Ice, won the FIFA 4 WCG 2020 tournament on 7th November.

WCG 2020 Connected Honor of Kings

There were three stages in total. The first stage was an open qualifier with eight sets of matches. The organizers divide the winner of each set into two groups. The teams from both the groups played Knock out matches, and the top four teams lead their way to the Grand Finals. In the final match on 8th November 2020, Team XYG won the title.

WCG 2020 Connected CrossFire

There were ten teams from China and South Korea to compete with each other in CrossFire. Each team includes five teammates. The organizers divided the Tournament into two groups with five teams in each. Teams compete with each other within their groups. Four of these were qualified for the qualifier round, and the top two teams reached the Semi-Finals. Two winners from the qualifier reached the Semi-Finals. In the Finals on 8th November 2020, Super Valliant won the title for WCG 2020

WCG 2020 ConnectedWitchcraft III Reforged

Organizers of the WCG 2020 divided the Witchcraft III Reforged into two types of tournaments:

  • 1V1 tournament
  • Team tournament

Below we will discuss each type individually about the game Reforged:

1V1 Tournament

The one-on-one Tournament begins on 7th September 2020, and the finals begin on 8th November 2020. This Tournament includes two rounds. The first round was the robin group stage, and the second was a single-elimination playoff. The prize for this Tournament was $25,000, and there were 16 players from China and Korea to compete with each other. Fly100% won the Tournament by defeating Moon in the 1V1 Witchcraft tournament.

Team Tournament

There were eight teams in this Tournament, all set to win, mark their name as the winner of WCG 2020. The total winning prize for the team tournament was $20,000. Each team had three players, making it a total of 24 players. The team tournament also consists of two rounds: single elimination playoff and robin group stage. Team FM was able to win the Tournament.


World Cyber Games 2020 was different from other WCG tournaments because players could not travel due to COVID-19 and the lockdown situation in various regions of the world but they could play online casinos with bonuses like free spins no deposit.That is why the organizers of the event hosted the WCG 2020 online. All the players and teams were able to join from their locations without any need to travel. The adaptability of the eSports activities with the situation is remarkable. During the Tournament, the audience supported their favorite teams and players, and people were excited about matches, making it a new experience for everyone.

Photo by Jennifer Krisztina Szauer on Unsplash

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