The Write by Night, Episode 12

Road Trip Noir

There’s that woman you can’t tear yourself away from, you’re too stuck on her. And then there’s that woman that you just want to get away from. But you can’t. Cause she’s got somethin’ on you. In both cases, you gotta take to the road.

And, finally—that woman you truly love, want to be with forever, but the whole damn world’s getting in the way. And some men want to kill you. So, the two of you, you take to the road.

In situations like this we wind up with Gun Crazy, Detour, and They Live by Night. And that troublesome road leads straight into Cece Peri’s poem: “Trouble Down the Road.”

By way of side-roads and detours, Joe has left something for me in the “Mysterious Drawer,” and it’s sweet. Of course, he had to cat-burglar his way into my Noir space in order to plant it.

– Suzanne Lummis

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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