They Write by Night, Episode 3

Here’s how this episode of my podcast, “They Write by Night,” (see video below) began: I needed to start with fire. I looked all over my house for a vintage 40s lighter — any kind would do.  A silver Dunhill black alligator lighter. A Ronson Whirlwind Windproof lighter. Or what I really hoped to find, a simple Kreisler butane brushed silver lighter. I found no vintage lighter of any kind. I discovered I’d never owned a vintage lighter. Well I sure as hell wasn’t going to use a crummy little gasoline-station-counter plastic throw-away Bic lighter.

Ordinarily women in film noir don’t light their own cigarettes, and never like this.

After that initial fire and light, it’s all shadow, Baby, the real and the metaphorical.  Think you know shadow?  I’ll add to your body of knowledge.

Also, this–the Ghazal. You know that ancient form?  For the first time in the series I read one of my own poems, not a strict Ghazal but a Ghazal-like thing.

Also, this–noir cred, mine. Yes, my noir cred’s good as gold, dark as a back alley, and unassailable.  It’s about that. And shadow, light, poetry, and The Stranger on the Third Floor.

Click the video to watch it!

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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