They Write by Night, Episode 5

Noir Immersion

For the most forthright Noir aficionados only (if you’re not among the most forthright, stay home) — the whole shebang, the whole enchilada, with sides, one of the giddiest and most complete films noir together with a perfect poem noir for our age.

What do I mean by “complete”? Orson Welles’ Touch of Evil, coming in as it does, late in the game and super-aware, contains all the elements, the stunning black and white compositions, some of them crazy tilty Dutch-style, the sense of creeping evil and corruption invading the highest and lowest orders of society and both sides of the border, some great dialog, especially coming out of the mouth of Marlene Dietrich (and what is She doing in this movie!?) in that closing scene.

What do I mean by “for our age”? A skillfully written, wised up and charged, fast-paced, exquisitely detailed poem by Marsha de la O that winds Janet Leigh from one movie, and one era, to the next, from one danger to the next. The one her character won’t get out of alive. “Janet Leigh is Afraid of Jazz

Top image credit to www.Poetry.LA

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