Writing Prompt: Mirror Mirror

For this week’s writing prompt, “Mirror Mirror”:

Painters of self portraits look long and hard at their own reflections, attempting to accurately portray the changing reality each day brings to the human face.  No two portraits are ever alike. When examined chronologically, these paintings express a profound evolution of artistic vision.  Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo, Chuck Close, Warhol, and countless others, explored their artistic message by returning again and again to the powerful exercise of creating self portraits.

The Self Portrait Exercise:

Give yourself time to study your reflection in a mirror. Take a notebook along to record the ideas and observations that pass through your mind as you look. Pretend you are having a conversation with a guest and listen to what “your reflection” has to say. How are you doing?  What is going on? What is on your mind? Who are you? What do you see? You can have this internal conversation daily. What do you most hope you could do today and why? Is it possible to make a few minutes of time for it today?  Write down your deepest hope for the day.  This exercise can have surprising results, because by articulating your desires, you will be more able to recognize the many opportunities that present themselves throughout the day.  Doors will open.

“Marion,” by Guy Rose, courtesy of Wikipaintings


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