A Year of Alchemy

Seasons are changing even in our city. Yes, actual seasons in LA. There’s a bit of a cold snap. I feel it on my hands when I’m walking around early morning taking photos.
I was thinking that this was actually my 52nd post on Literary Alchemy. Then I searched through Cultural Weekly and realized I’d written 53 posts already. Darn it! i was going to be all celebrating a year’s worth of writing my column, but it already happened. And I forgot to celebrate! Dang.
Ah well.
Crazy though. This is my 54th post overall, weekly except for a couple of holiday breaks and one stretch where I just couldn’t get my ass to do anything, let alone write something.
Anyway, I fell down the rabbit hole and started reading a whole bunch of old posts.
There were a lot of events.
There were a lot of ideas.
There were a lot of questions.
And the year was framed, unfortunately, by two cases of people behaving badly. I shouldn’t say unfortunately because we actually need to experience these things to know for sure what we are working against and working toward.
Which leads to…
I looked back at what the first post was about. Well, it was about the eternal question: does it even matter what we do?
After this post, this column and this site is going on a little holiday break. You shouldn’t be reading anything online during the holidays. You should be watching the first two Godfather movies. It’s true.
When the holidays are over?
I don’t even know if I’m supposed to keep writing, if it matters whether you know what me and Peter and Judeth and all our friends are doing. It started because I just wanted to see if there was value in being transparent with our work. We have done that. I mean, as much as we can, even if a lot of it has been self promotion.
The question still remains though, just as unanswered as when I first began: Does it matter?
I can say right now that we have a budget to draw up for the 2nd Grand Park BookFest coming up in March 2014 and a business plan to figure out for investors and figuring out where rent money is coming from and all that.
You know, the usual.

What are you looking for?