You've Gotta Hear Elephant Revival

Elephant Revival hails from Nederland, Colorado, and has been described as a band dealing in the sounds of transcendental folk – melding together sounds borrowed from Scottish/Celtic influences, traditional folk, country, bluegrass, reggae and indie rock. They are a band that truly lives the messages portrayed in their lyrics and are the epitome of a true “group” – with all members being multi-instrumentalists, vocalists and contributors to the songwriting efforts. Their latest album has just finished production at the legendary Bear Creek studios outside of Seattle, and the band is now seeking funds to help bring that album to life. Funds raised will help support this cause by providing them the power to perform, promote, publicize and distribute their music.
In their words: “Our goal is that in our continued touring, we can help connect individuals and communities who share our dream. We intend to pay this forward to as many wonderful folks as we can.”
Enjoy Elephant Revival’s video below and also visit their page on Pledge Music to help them realize their dream through your support.

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