Art at Wacko

Inspired by an LA Times article about the Los Feliz neighborhood, I went to check out the latest art at the Luz de Jesus gallery inside the Wacko Soap Plant, on Hollywood Blvd East of Vermont.

Wacko Soap Plant
Wacko Soap Plant. Mural by Shrine © 2016

It was a real treat to discover the intriguing exhibit Painting You a Story by artist FADNAT, which opened January 5 and closes January 28. It is described as “an adult storybook filled with sardonic, absurdist tales featuring uncanny characters, anomalous creatures, and every imaginable odd and end.”

I only include a taste of the elaborate captions, that you may read by clicking on the titles. This will give you some idea of what is depicted and the artist’s ironic intentions.

Circus Family
Circus Family Photo (c) FADNAT 2023

Circus Family Photo: The giant CircleHeads are members of a traveling circus

Circus Magic Show
Circus Magic Show © FADNUT 2023

The Circus Magic Show: WatchyEyes murdered the child thief, was caught & sent to an insane asylum prison. He was released after his evil Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani sued the watch company

Gardener’s Puppets
Gardener’s Puppets © FADNUT 2023

The Gardener’s Puppets: That’s the great LandscapeArtist Jose in the bottom right

Green Devil
Green Devil & Peace Frog © FADNUT 2022

GreenDevil & PeaceFrog: The Horney Toad of Peace is a Cult leading SexGuru, that believes Elvis has been reincarnated in him

Mischievous MaddyMatador
Mischievous MaddyMatador © FADNUT 2023

Mischievous MaddyMatador: Welcome to El FADNAT Ranch! It’s run by an OldCowGal named,”El Fuego!”

Seahorse MonkeyCat
Seahorse MonkeyCat © FADNUT 2023

The Seahorse MonkeyCat: Smoky was conceived in the 80’s when Dr. Frankenstein was hired to create a fun sidekick for the MarlboroMan

WaspKing’s Dilemma
WaspKing’s Dilemma © FADNUT 2023

WaspKing’s Dilemma: He is mostly human, but has yellow skin & a wasp coming out of his face. He married the Queen of Flies. She’s 100% Fly & human size

WolfGirl BeefeaterStripper
WolfGirl BeefeaterStripper © FADNUT 2021

WolfGirl BeefeaterStripper: The doors were violently kicked in to find a naked Sasha Baron Cohen

It’s always great fun to peruse through the shelves of the Wacko store for unusual books and novelty item. If you find yourself in need a rubber chicken, you can buy it here for $11.

I wrote about this place for Cultural Weekly in December 2016 when they displayed the naked Trump statue by Indecline “The Emperor Has No Balls.” Read about it here, now when we need a reminder of what a second Trump Presidency may bring.

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