Detroit: City of Contradictions

Detroit is a city of contradictions…and in many ways, it always has been. It’s a city of progress and conflict, and one of both hope and despair. It’s the juxtaposition of these traits that has often influenced the city’s creative community, and in doing so has also played a key role in shaping the cultural output that the rest of the world had devoured and praised.
We turned to two Detroit photographers – Andrew Galbraith and Sal Rodriguez – and asked them to give our readers a glimpse of their Detroit…one you aren’t likely to find in the mainstream media.


City of Detroit


Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit


Koi Pond


St. Andrews Hall


Hotel Yorba (from the infamous White Stripes song)

Eastown Theater
Eastown Theater


Detroit House
The Beauty of Preservation


Detrot Fire Truck

Engine 556 on the Move

Detroiti Mounted PD

Detroit Mounted Police


Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Street Art from Sentex
Street Art from Sintex

POSTED ON 8/14/13 AT 4:55 PM (PT).
Sal Rodriquez is a professional photographer and graphic artist – and native Detroiter – with a passion for chronicling his hometown through the power of his creativity. He currently serves as staff photographer for WDIV-TV, which is the local NBC affiliate. To learn more about Sal, please visit
Andrew Galbraith is a photographer, artist, native Detroiter and world-class ambassador for the Motor City. And he also happens to make one hell of a great pizza pie.

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