Dance Momentum

As per the award winning short Momentum, energy, the right relationship, and a tortilla chip are the chief ingredients in a recipe for the fusion of body and soul through dance. Directed in Germany by Boris Seewald, this is a dance film in which language plays a predominant part, and it works. Momentum features an upbeat score by award-winning composer Ralf Hildenbeutel, and is narrated and danced (sometimes simultaneously) by Patrick Hanna (with Shoko Ito as his zany mother) as he tells the story of how a chip compelled him from feeling awkward at a high school, end of term, “disco” celebration, into dancing freely, and created a cathartic shift in the way he views the world.

Patrick Hanna dances freely in
Patrick Hanna dances freely in “Momentum”

With its colorful visuals, accessible “everyman” aesthetic, and incredible sense of optimism, Momentum was a real crowd-pleaser at last year’s Dance Camera West Film Festival. Although still enjoyable, the YouTube version of Momentum is weighted with blocky subtitles that were not originally present which when it screened there. A reminder for LA readers that the 13th Annual Dance Camera West Film Festival returns this week June 6-8th & 13th with a host of new international screen dance selections and live performance at The Music Center, Grand Park, REDCAT, MOCA and Union Station. For tickets and info go to Enjoy Dance Momentum!

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