Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Best Student Film & The Honorable Mentions

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This week Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival gives a shout out to the filmmakers whose exemplary work was identified by the panel of judges for Honorable Mentions. We applaud these films for their beautiful dancing, amazing use of sites, camera work, editing, and overall vision and bravery.  Congratulations Honorable Mentions! Once again, all the work identified by D2D, whether it was given a specific award or received an Honorable Mention is of a commendable caliber, with the distinction that the judges elected that awards to go to films with the presence of a discernable public.

And, I am very happy to say that we have now selected a Best Student Film!  After running into some issues with one of the submissions, and after being urged by some very persuasive young filmmakers we decided to go back to the drawing board…

Congratulations to the Best Student Film:


Director/Choreographer: Talia Grace

Cinematographer/Editor: Luke Momo

Dancers: Sumire Ishige and Sydney Thornell


And once again Congrats to the Honorable Mentions!  Please check out their films below:


Direction, choreography, editing: Lilian Manansala

Dancers: Natalia Quinat-Reyna & Bruno Koskoff


In Time

Direction, choreography, editing: Romain Rios

Dancers: Maja Blomstrand, Shirley Domoison, Maelle Dufour, Timothy Kakeeto, Romain Rios

Sweden, Spain, France



Direction & Editing: Morgan Frasier

Dancer: Lani Dickinson




 Direction: Omari “Motion” Carter

Concept, Choreography, Spoken Word, Dance: Alice Laidler


Impetu’s: Flamenco’s Driving Force

Direction: Lulo Rivero

Dancer: Jesus Carmona

Writer: Christian Rivero


Please enjoy all of these incredibly commendable films.  And please, consider going out dancing.  In public.

Dance it, film it, share it.

We dare you to!


Featured photo from Impetu’s: Flamenco’s Driving Force, by Lulo Rivera

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