Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival: Round 3 is HERE!

Dance on Film aka: Screen Dance is ALIVE & WELL. This international genre of short films has been holding space across the globe. In only our second year, D2D in Public Film Fest had submissions from 12 countries! So we are thrilled to announce that Round 3 of Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is once more gracing the pages of Cultural Weekly!

Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival is dedicated to dance that happens outside of stages and studios, dance that is bursting out like flowers from a cracked sidewalk. D2D in Public Film Fest is committed to short films that explore the intersection of dance and the camera, films that spread the wealth of dance and challenge the notion that there is a proper time and place to dance. Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival begs the question: Why not dance anywhere at anytime?

We’ve made a few changes. This year our platform is on Film Freeway.

In order to submit, YOU MUST USE THIS LINK: https://filmfreeway.com/daretodanceinpublicfilmfestival

Feel free to share this link but you cannot submit without it!

Last week you read about our phenomenal panel of judges—trust me, you want to get your work in front of their eyes—and this week you can read our official Rules & Regulations.


  • Each dance film must take place in a public space (e.g., city street, parking lot, grocery market, public building or plaza, bus/train terminal, museum, station, etc., and not inside a studio, on a stage, or in a private building or house).  The visible presence and/or interaction with passersby/members of the public at large is very much preferred. (Please try to stay away from empty beaches etc. at sunset or dawn.)
  • Length: Each submission must be a minimum of 2 minutes and not exceed 6 minutes in length.
  • Both Polished, i.e. films in which filmmakers intentionally create and/or pre-conceptualize the choreography & filmic approach in response to a public site or space and its usage, architecture, scale, etc. or Raw, i.e. films in which filmmakers capture a dancer(s) or an event that appears to be happening in a spontaneous and/or fashion (e.g. found dance), are accepted.
  • Each film must include the hashtags: #DareToDance #ScreenDanceDiaries #NextEcho.
  • Winning films must be shareable on Vimeo &/or Youtube.
  • We ask each Filmmaker to follow us on Instagram (if applicable) @dare2danceinpublic
  • Each filmmaker should provide a brief text about the film and what country it was created and filmed in.

Deadline for final submission is 11:59 pm Pacific Time on December 15, 2019.

Submission/processing fee is $25 per entry. Multiple entries by a single filmmaker are fine. 

Once again, submissions must be made through Film Freeway using this link: https://filmfreeway.com/daretodanceinpublicfilmfestival

Submissions will be judged based to a greater or lesser degree (depending on the submission category) on the quality of the overall film—its editing, choreography, concept, originality, use of space, and interface of the dance with camera.

Awards will be determined by the panel of judges and given in 5 categories:

  • Best Interface of Dance & Camera
  • Best Original Choreography
  • Best Use of Location
  • Best Interface with the Public
  • Best Editing

Winners will receive a minimum $100 cash prize (exact amounts TBA), and winners in each category will have their dance shorts covered and featured in Next Echo/Cultural Weekly’s column ScreenDance Diaries when winning films are announced

In addition to the winners in the five categories, there will be a selection of Honorable Mentions that will be featured separately in Next Echo/Cultural Weekly’s column ScreenDance Diaries. 

By submitting your entry, you affirm that the work is entirely your own and that you have the agreement and/or permission of all involved, as well as the permission to use it. This includes rights to use music. Please be aware that YouTube will take down copyrighted music that is used without permission.  

Now go out and make a dance. Do it in public. Film it, and share it. We dare you to!

For a bit of inspiration, check out Pedestrian Wanderlusts’s “Nicole at Washington Square Park,” one of last year’s winning films below. It was shot entirely on an iPhone!

*Feature photo from Dare to Dance in Public Film Fest winner, Jevan Chowdhury’s “Moving Southwark”

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