Reza Abdoh’s Theatre Legacy

From morning through night on December 19, the Segal Center, the CUNY Graduate Center, will pay homage to legendary Iranian-American theatre artist Reza Abdoh with an all-day program of screenings, re-enactments, discussions, and reminiscences by Abdoh’s former collaborators.

Reza Abdoh, who died in 1995 at the age of 32, was a prolific artist in his short creative life and has been hailed as a theatrical visionary. With his company Dar A Luz, formed in 1991, Abdoh created plays that made a major impact on American experimental theatre, including The Law of Remains (1992), Tight Right White (1993) and Quotations From a Ruined City (1994).

I was privileged to work with Reza at the Los Angeles Theatre Center, where we presented the extraordinary Bogeyman and other productions; later I served on Dar A Luz’s board.  After Reza died, I coordinated the creation of the video archive of his work, which has been meticulously documented by Adam Soch Williams.  The archive is at the New York Public Library, Cal Arts and the Walker Center.

Here’s a link to this important event, celebrating one of our great theatre artists who died far too soon.

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