As We Saw It 2019

The range of subjects captured during 2019 includes architecture, art, film, politics, people of many different backgrounds, and even animals. Some of the photographs shown here are the result of a subject approached for filmmaking, some are the consequence of capturing a moment. The eclectic result is a sort of non-linear diary.

The two top exhibitions we visited have been Ai Wei Wei’s “Life Cycle” at the Marciano Art Collection, and the Shirin Neshat exhibition at the Broad. Also, at The Broad’s “Soul of the Nation” exhibition, I discovered many African-American artists that I have not been aware of.

In architecture, our most significant discovery was the San Diego Public Library, designed by architect Rob Quigley. The Serpentine Temporary Pavillion at LACMA, designed by the Spanish couple José Selgas and Lucia Cano, was also a refreshing surprise. On the downside, Los Angeles lost two important architects, Ray Kappe, founder of SCI-Arcrc, and Dion Neutra, son of the famous Richard Neutra.

In politics, although I am not a rally-goer, I went to Bernie Sander’s rally in Long Beach and to Elizabeth Warren‘s one USC. I found both outstanding.

During this year, we attended many screenings followed by Q&A’s. The most outstanding presentations I listened to were those of Werner Herzog, at the Acadamy of Motion Pictures, Lina Wertmüller, at the American Cinematheque, and Dolores Huerta, at the Aero theater. We also enjoyed many IDA and USC screenings and encounters with “stars” such as Al Pacino and William Dafoe, and many exceptional, yet less known film directors.

As an architect and filmmaker, 2019 has been a highly nourishing and productive year. For more photographs, go to

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