Tali Cohen Shabtai: Two Poems

I am new

They don’t know
Where I came from
I must connect the- leg
With the waist
And the pelvis to the spine

That’s the way when items
Are separated from bodies
And an artificial
Lens is implanted
In the – eye.

Who said it’s possible to move
Away from their

Who said?



I love people who
are controversial
that their polemic is spiced with unambiguity
in doses
that they eat throughout the day.

And that taboo is not only for purposes
of research for them
in the night hours
when the darkness encourages humankind
to communicate
hormone with hormone in the intercourse
of two
at the most!

There are other women
who fertilize a number of men
in a day, and wear a necklace around
their necks with ‘phallic’ stones
by the light of day
they are
the polyandrous.

I love controversial people
like Yeshayahu Leibowitz
forces us to see with brutal clarity
the sharp-tonged intonation
that for various reasons was comfortable for us
to evade

he earned Israeli society’s nickname “prophet of the apocalypse.”

conceived concepts of philosophical questions
and found in them contradictions
even though many claimed otherwise –
for that I have solidarity with him

moreover, he did it so
differently from the accepted definition
that stimulates and challenges

his sharply-phrased wording and use
of the paradoxical
could instigate in me
an orgasm
of the sensual type
in the hours when I read
his book
“Five Books of Faith.”

I like being me
I don’t flow continuously
in the water
that you are sipping now
I shock your
until the body cries out
to vomit
like this poem that is not understood.

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