The Promise of the Tree

There have been recently too many passing of friends and acquaintances not to be sensitive to the steady companionship of the tree outside my window I face day in day out.

A companionship full of promises from season to season: promises of cool shade in the summer, of cyclic changes of foliage color and of wishful reassurance of something perennial.

The following collages graphically express the joy that can be felt at the contemplation of tree life and at that semblance of perennial presence.


The spring break is in the weather these days bringing to the tree a wider variety of animal life and more sunlight.

I chose to color it purple in order to suggest the first blush of sap up the tree.


image showing suggested sap rising
Spring sap rising


The summer vigor is marked by the appearance of green foliage engulfing the tree and blocking the view of the street.

One can refer to the feature image in order to have an idea of that visual effect.


summer visor suggested by green colour
Foliage arrival


The fall colors are well known in the American Northeast and in the Canadian eastern provinces landscapes.

The red color chosen belongs to the Fall foliage of a certain variety of maple trees that cannot go un-noticed.


Red colour suggesting Fall state of foliage
Fall foliage arrival


The winter bareness of the tree shows its essential structure and strength , which I expressed by choosing the perceptually dominant black.


Naked trunk and branches
Mourning season of the tree

 End words

 Having chosen the colours before conceiving of the seasonal order to present the images … this may be an example of the possibilities of meaning that visual perception allows.

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