The Surveillance Poems: 1-10

Ten poems from Surveillance, the powerful new collection from Ashaki M. Jackson, which Cultural Weekly has been honored to serialized. Over the course of 10 weeks, we were able to feature one poem per week from this book that explores police killings of Blacks captured on video and the public’s consumption of these videos.
Book is available here. 100% of proceeds from sales going to various organizations fighting police brutality, including BYP100, Black Lives Matter, Say Her Name.


Fulcrum: the support about which a lever turns; the part of an animal that serves as a hinge or support
Professional Wrestling Holds
The Public Examines Black Resilience and is Dissatisfied
The Public Confuses Death with Pornography
The Speaker, Who is Black, Clarifies the Public’s Euphemisms
The Speaker, Who is Black, Interjects the Black Conflict
The Public is Generally Self-Taught and Uninformed
The Public Impresses Itself With Duplicity
Standard American Similes With Interchangeable Blacks
The Speaker, Who is Black, Offers a Reasonable Solution

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