Venice Beach: Life in Full Color

Venice, California. An always-changing canvas. A cautionary tale. A poet’s treasure. A photographer’s dream.
Photographer Alexis Rhone Fancher has been documenting Venice Beach since the early 2000s, capturing its unique life and rhythms with a series of Cannon PowerShot cameras. Here’s part two of her photo essay about life on the beach.

Sunset, Marina del Rey, June, 2006
Sunset, Marina del Rey, June, 2006
“Sink Hole” May, 2002
Memorial Day, Venice Beach, 2012
Memorial Day, 2012
“Perfect Symmetry” Muscle Beach, 4th of July, 2009
Muscle Beach, Venice, Memorial Day, 2011
Muscle Beach, Memorial Day, 2011
“Cool Bus – No Worries” May 2006
“Got Beer?” Boardwalk, June, 2009
A Venice Beach regular, July 2006
A Beach regular, July 2006
“Will Do Moose Stuff For Cash, Part 1” Boardwalk, January 2011

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