LA Photo Essay: Where the Soft and Hard Collide

A fan of urban grid and green earth both, photographer Katharine Hargreaves presents a series of city landscapes that reframe the urban environment of downtown Los Angeles.  Enjoy her LA photo essay.

Concrete Skin
Concrete Skin, Bunker Hill, 2013


Angle and Line
Angle and Lines, Hope Street, 2013


Crow and Lines
Crow Shadow, Department of Water and Power, 2013


Through the Weave
Through the Weave, Bunker Hill, 2013


Apartment Complex
Apartment Complex, Pico, 2013


Shock of Yellow
Shock of Yellow, Broadway, 2013


Department of Water and Power plaza
Plaza Views, Department of Water and Power, 2013


Where the soft and hard collide
Where the soft and hard collide, Financial District, 2013


Public Parking
Public Parking, Hill Street, 2013

POSTED 8/7/13 AT 1:00 PM (PT).
meKatharine Hargreaves is the Arts Editor of Cultural Weekly and the Creative Director of Whole Beast Rag. Her projects are concerned with the critical examination of cultural infrastructures, systems, symbols, and the everyday spectacle. She lives and plays in Los Angeles. Find more of her work at

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