Wooster Group’s Masterful A Pink Chair at REDCAT

The Wooster Group’s A PINK CHAIR (In Place of a Fake Antique) runs April 5-15 at REDCAT, 631 W. Second St, downtown: Tue.-Sat., 8:30 p.m.; Sun, 3 p.m. Information at REDCAT.

The search for a father, and the progenitor of assembled, avant-garde theatre, fuses in a masterful performance piece by The Wooster Group, playing at Los Angeles’s REDCAT through April 15.

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Excavated from the work of Tadeusz Kantor, the Polish theatre director whose work influenced and informed an entire generation of theatre artists worldwide, A Pink Chair uses, as its tipping point, archival footage of Kantor’s penultimate piece, I Shall Never Return, a fugue on Odysseus’s homeward journey. With Kantor’s daughter as video participant and dramaturg for this production, A Pink Chair astonishes with innovative staging (set-pieces on wheels shift in perfect synchronization to the archival camera’s shifting gaze), as the ever-daring, ever-game Wooster Group company unearths the quest for home, father, relationship, and theatre’s origins in tribal circus. It’s a must-see experience.

Image: The Wooster Group’, A PINK CHAIR (In Place of a Fake Antique) at REDCAT April 6, 2018. Photo by Steve Gunther

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