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  • Scott Sanford Tobis is a screenwriter, podcast contributor, videogame writer and LA Weekly nominated playwright (an award he proudly lost to the late Ray Bradbury). In addition to crafting articles for a number of magazines, he wrote The Desperate Housewives Cookbook, co-wrote the romantic comedy screenplay, Chemistry, and is is currently working on a vaguely-autobiographical (a term he just invented) TV series, entitled Trigger Warnings. He is endlessly fascinated by the human condition; whatever myriad of conditions that might entail -- and encourages readers to get involved with several worthy volunteer organizations he's been affiliated with; including the Suicide Prevention Center, Reading Partners and Swing Left. He remains cautiously optimistic in a world that doesn't exactly engender optimism at the moment. That said, he is fully optimistic that he can be reached at blankcanvas@gmail.com.

Sing Street. Courtesy, The Weinstein Company.
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